Attractive workspaces for continuous innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

At DAY, we believe that sustainable growth for any organization requires a dynamic culture of continuous innovation, creativity, and collaboration. That’s why we help create physical spaces that inspire individuals and teams to gain new insights, connect with like- minded people, and contribute to a shared purpose.

We use insights from organizational ecology, environmental psychology, and human biology, we have developed a unique experience design strategy. This approach combines brand, spatial, interior, and experience design to unleash people’s creativity and ability to generate new ideas.

Our Dynamic Spaces approach offers a solution for developers and managers of community hubs, business centers, campuses, or office complexes, who seek to move beyond traditional office rental models and embrace new business models based on areal and community eco-system development. This way, they can help tenants foster a dynamic culture of continuous innovation, creativity, and collaboration, create a more attractive workplace, and build a sustainable business.

About DAY

DAY is a Strategic Concept & Design Partner for forward-thinking leaders and organizations who want to build long-lasting, thriving customer relationships and drive transformation.

We create strategies and designs that transform places, spaces, and brands into valuable experiences.

DAY Creative is a partner of the IADP Innovation Area Development Partnership.

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Designing the Noviotech Campus experience environment

DAY started to work for Noviotech Campus in 2022, initially focusing on defining a distinct growth and brand strategy, followed by a coherent spatial experience vision. For the brand strategy, we positioned the Campus as the “Capital of Health & High-Tech Innovation”, emphasizing the importance of both human capital and the physical location. The overarching goal is to foster meaningful entrepreneurship, as Noviotech Campus understands that a sustainable health sector depends not only on Health & High-Tech innovations, but also on changing how entrepreneurs prioritize user and societal value over technological and economic value.

To bring this concept to life in the physical experience of the Campus, we are working alongside MVRDV on implementing the first phase of the Noviotech Campus development master plan. This plan focuses on adding new buildings, connecting the site to its surrounding with an ecology-first landscape, and creating design concepts that transform functional customer journey touch-points across the buildings and landscape into recognizable and meaningful experiences.

To achieve this, we are implementing our Dynamic Spaces approach for experience design, which encourages continuous innovation and fosters a working environment where people can easily connect, find inspiration, and collaborate.

KNVB Campus, transforming a sports centre into a world-class experience environment.

In 2012, the KNVB sports centre underwent significant redevelopment, and since then, DAY has played a vital role in transforming it into a brand experience environment called the KNVB Campus. The KNVB Campus aims to be the hub for individuals and organisations to collaborate on the future of Dutch soccer through knowledge development, education, training, and performance. Using our dynamic spaces approach, the KNVB Campus now offers soccer fanatics a place to gain new insights, connect with like-minded people, and contribute to a shared purpose.

Our involvement in the project included an integrated approach on brand-, spatial-, interior-, and experience design. Additionally, DAY helped develop partner propositions with Nike and ING and created new experience touchpoints, such as the KNVB monument: “Wall of Fame” to honour former internationals. The KNVB campus has become a place where individuals and organisations from different backgrounds meet each other, to shape the future of Dutch soccer.

The KNVB Campus is an example of the power of collaboration and strategic design in transforming an everyday sports centre into a world-class experience environment.

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