DAY’s Marieke van den Heuvel on Re-thinking Design for a Sustainable Future

Meanwhile, we are taking small steps to improve. Recently, we had the opportunity to apply a recycled product when designing the Konica Mi- nolta showroom in Stuttgart. We used a ceiling solution developed by HunterDouglas called HeartFelt. Heartfelt is made from recycled, plastic bottles and carries the much-wanted Cradle to Cradle bronze certificati- on.

We are also using nudging strategies to tweak the automated patterns in our own behaviour. ‘Nudging’ is all about making ‘the better choice’ a little bit more easy in our daily lives. We have used this simple insight to make the process of sourcing materials a bit more sustainable. We went through our materials library to label the ‘better option’ with a green sticker. The next time, one of our designers will be looking for new floor- ing or upholstery, the stickers will function as a gentle reminder to make sustainability and circularity part of the decision-making-process.

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