Odido Retail

Creating a Fresh Retail Brand

Odido Retail

Developing Odido’s Retail Concept, Spatial identity and Experience

Joining an unprecedented mission to transform T-Mobile into Odido within nine months and under strict secrecy was a challenge we couldn’t resist. Collaborating with specialists from eight leading firms in a unique pop-up agency called ‘The Brand Office,’ DAY took the lead on all spatial aspects of the new Odido brand. DAY’s creative team spearheaded the development of a new retail concept, redesigned office spaces, and established the spatial identity for what is considered the most remarkable rebranding in the telecom industry, serving 8 million customers from day one.
Creating a spatial experience that would reflect the human character and strategic context of Odido was a key criterion for the retail concept, crucial for the new brand going to market with such a giant brand swap and unexpected launch. At the base to the design stands Odido’s dynamic brand identity and its positioning as a human network, fighting to keep technology human and enjoyable for all. By translating the visual identity into a ‘spatial identity’ and introducing distinctive ‘design principles’ we created a compelling toolbox for 3D use. We introduced a tactile material scheme combining vibrant colours with warm human skin-tones. Moreover we picked up the soft shapes of the identity and established clear lines in the retail space to create better overview and product presentations. Odido’s unique ‘palindrome’ name and logo screamed for bold branding statements on facade and ceiling. Our advice on formula portfolio resulted to reducing three former T-Mobile concepts to only one clear retail concept for launching Odido.

Experience Concept, Spatial & Interior Design
Spatial & Interior design, Spatial Branding, Concept development, Experience design, Retail Formula Design, Retail Concept, Retail Manual, Signage, Pilot & Rollout Guidance
VIM Group (retail engineering, management & realization), Inter-Fact (retail prototyping, building & construction advise), Colab The Brand Office: TBWA/NEBOKO, code d'azur, Think Yellow, Entopic 7 VIM Group

Odido brand identity designed and developed by TBWA\NEBOKO

Embracing Sustainability

Integrating sustainability alongside efficiency considerations was an obvious choice in the retail development process. Leveraging the existing structures and technical infrastructure, we successfully repurposed 9520m2 of existing floors and preserved 25.3km of power/data infrastructure. This approach not only made the deployment time and budget feasible but also demonstrated our commitment to environmental responsibility. In addition to mindful material selections, our initiative involved repurposing 170,400 recycled PET bottles, utilizing 10,500m2 of sustainable sheet material (size of 2 football fields), and relocating 7140 existing LED spotlights.

From Retail Concept to Nationwide Rollout

Crafting a new retail concept and design while aligning with a brand still in development presents a unique array of challenges. However, gearing up for a national rollout across 120 stores within a three-day implementation timeframe is an unprecedented achievement. Overcoming what seemed insurmountable within these constraints demanded an unconventional approach and a dedicated team, blending DAY’s creative magic with the coordinated logic power of partners VIM Group and InterFact. Coordinating the production of all interior elements with partners in Lithuania and Turkey, we orchestrated a sophisticated logistics process, distributing a multitude of furniture parts across the 120 store locations via various distribution centers. Beginning three days prior to the launch, a team of 1,500 professionals initiated the transformation of the stores to align with the new brand and retail concept.

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