Eindhoven Airport - Gates

Always Easy

Eindhoven Airport – Gates

Always Easy

Eindhoven Airport is an airport located 7.6 km west of Eindhoven. In terms of passenger numbers, it is the second largest airport in the Netherlands, as well as the fastest growing.

Eindhoven Airport still has enormous growth potential. It is already an important airport for budget holidaymakers, but its importance for business travelers is increasing as well. With the growth of Brainport Eindhoven, one of the most important innovation centers in the world, the number of business travelers is constantly increasing.

What all these travelers have in common is that they don’t want any hassle… they just want an easy airport. And that is exactly what makes Eindhoven so attractive, its convenience as a small regional airport. The advantage of Eindhoven Airport is that it is less busy and people have more time to spend. The trick is not let congestion make it more difficult for passengers to spend.

The challenge for Eindhoven is therefore to “stay small and grow at the same time”, to find a balance between simplicity and efficiency and at the same time increase connectivity with European and overseas destinations.

With the aim of remaining the easiest airport in the Netherlands, Eindhoven Airport launched the slogan “Always Easy” as its leitmotif. DAY was asked to turn this into a real brand experience through a spatial and interior design for the newest terminal departure gates, the passenger security control area and the retail and hospitality space.

The interior design for the gates reflects the concept of “view of the Dutch landscape”. It is a design with geometric shapes and a fresh color palette, exactly like the Netherlands looks from above when you fly over it. For this beautiful and distinctive design, Eindhoven Airport and DAY received the prestigious Red Dot design award.

Eindhoven Airport
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DAY Creative Eindhoven Airport gates branding
DAY Creative Eindhoven Airport gates branding
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